Presidential villa in Bratislava

As part of the last year of master’s studies, my classmate and I decided to take part in a student architectural competition to design a presidential villa in Bratislava’s Slavín. The aim was to create a seat that will enable social gatherings and the performance of the presidential function, but at the same time will provide a sense of security and home for the current president Zuzana Čaputová.

Therefore, we decided to renovate the existing villa to meet the requirements for social events, welcoming guests and gala dinners. In the attic, we designed a new presidential office with a view of Bratislava. We decided to move all private and family businesses to a new building, which would provide a feeling of home and serve primarily for the president’s close family. The facade of the new building is made of travertine, which is a traditional material in this area. Both buildings are connected by an underground tunnel for safety reasons.

The layout of the new building consists of an inner atrium, which illuminates the interior and thus allows the house to “close” from the outside, but still provide natural light. In the entrance floor we can find, for example, a large living room with dining area, which connects to the atrium, but on the other side is open to the garden. There are also guest rooms and some facilities. On the first floor there is a bedroom, including a bedroom for the president. All bedrooms have their own dressing room and bathroom. On the third floor there is a private study with a large terrace. In the basement there is a wellness area with a gym and technical facilities.

The design also included a garden solution. We divided it into several zones and created several walking circuits in it. There is, for example, a pond with a gazebo, smaller orchards, flower beds for growing vegetables and herbs in the kitchen, a fountain or an area for social garden events.

I created this project together with Ing. arch. Angelika Pruchová.