Design of a 2 + 1 apartment in Kadan

I drafted a proposal for the reconstruction of almost the entire block of flats for a young family in two variants, from which we always chose the final one. It was gradually further elaborated in detail so that the implementation could begin as soon as possible. In both variants, we stick to a neutral white base with a wood decor, which is complemented by a dominant blue-green color. It is copied in the design right in the entrance hall and thus creates an unconventional impression of the apartment upon arrival. It also appears in the living room and in the bedroom in the form of an upholstered bed with a higher headboard, which clients wanted to keep. Two variants were developed for all rooms (except the children’s room).

While in the kitchen it was mainly a variant of the layout of the kitchen itself, in the other rooms it was mainly a game with materials and pieces of furniture. In the bathroom, a variant with a delicate decor of tiles and a large mirror, which optically enlarges the classic prefabricated bathroom optically, won.

I designed the living room and bedroom in two variants, which always intertwined between the two rooms. The first variant was a more minimalist concept in the form of elements in the wood decor and wallpaper with a fine pattern in the bedroom. From the hallway in the living room, he looked at the dining area with the large painting on its forehead. In the second variant, I designed a white partial wall cladding in both rooms. This profiling better defines the parts of the rooms themselves and optically the rooms look bigger. In the living room, I also solved part of the wall for pets.

Clients arrange the implementation themselves.

Proposal: 2020

Currently under construction, expected completion in spring 2021.